Report: BRP considers entering two-wheel market

BRP spokesperson Sylvain Morissette confirmed on Aug. 17 that “the company is currently evaluating the market, the possibilities and trends after an industry analyst suggested the eventuality,” according to the Montreal Gazette.

If the company chooses to sell motorcycles, it will be its first involvement in the segment since Can-Am sold bikes in the 1970s. While Morissette confirmed that the company was taking the two-wheel segment into consideration, no decision has been made.

Analyst Benoit Poirier of Desjardins Capital Markets commented that he believes BRP could eventually add $325 million U.S. to their annual revenue if they choose to enter into the motorcycle segment. “This market is supported by a solid foundation, and we believe that BRP has the key elements in place to enter this sector, naturally or by acquisition,” Poirier said.

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