Investment group takes over dealership’s unfinished business

Austin, Texas-based investment group Onnit Labs has made a deal with Oklahoma City-based Darwin Motorcycles to fill unfinished orders for bikes, according to an article from The Oklahoman.

The company stated that the deal includes “a working loan with undisclosed terms as well as operational changes.” Jason Havey, who serves as the chief operating officer of Onnit Labs, will now serves as the CEO of Darwin Motorcycles.

“The company just needs someone to manage the cash and business fundamentals, and that’s how I got involved,” said Havey.

The dealership’s founder and motorcycle designer, Dar Holdsworth, will stay with the company as president and chief designer. Holdsworth commented, “With the support of the new management team, I am looking forward to focusing on what we do best … building uncompromising American motorcycles.”

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