Iron Pony Motorsports Group adds multi-line family dealership

Iron Pony Motorsports Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of McCune Cycle World, Inc. of Mansfield, Ohio. According to Iron Pony Motorsports Group President and CEO Chris Jones: “McCune Cycle World has been a successful family owned multi-line powersports dealer in the state of Ohio for over 38 years.”

When asked what prompted the purchase of the business from Mick & Cindy McCune, Jones responded, “We are always on the hunt to add solid multi-line powersports dealerships throughout the state of Ohio to our growing group of businesses. Especially dealerships that serve areas where we see great growth potential.”

When asked about the timing of the acquisition, Chief Financial Officer Cory Atwood said, “The McCune’s have given a good part of their life to operating a successful powersports business in the state of Ohio, and are in an enviable position to begin their retirement. We are fortunate that they believe in our business model and chose us to purchase their business at this time.”

Tammy Jones, vice president of Iron Pony Motorsports Group states: “McCune Cycle World is a well known six-line OEM powersports dealership that sells Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, KTM, Victory and Kawasaki in the Northern Ohio market. Our Pony Powersports Group has had a smaller market dealership planned for many years and we feel the greater Mansfield market is a good launching ground for this concept.”

When asked for further information on the smaller dealership concept, Frank Lark, vice president of Marketing & Growth Manager said, “We are excited to combine a mini-version of our Iron Pony Motorsports store with an established multi-line dealership. Our small market powersports parts, apparel and accessories store will be called Iron Pony Express, and the former McCunes Cycle World, Inc. powersports dealership will now fly under our Pony Powersports Group flag.”

Adding further support to the small market hybrid dealership/retail store conversation, Alan Schatz, operations manager, commented, “We have operated three distinct sized businesses (Small, Mid-Sized & Superstore) successfully over the history of our company, and are well versed in the unique opportunities we will face in Mansfield, Ohio.”

McCune Cycle World, Inc. operations will be fully handed over to Iron Pony Motorsports Group in April 2016. All existing staff of the current dealership in Mansfield, Ohio have been offered positions with Pony Powersports Group, or Iron Pony Express.

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