City to get second Harley-Davidson dealership

The owners of Harley-Davidson of Tucson are adding a second location in Tucson, Ariz. Owners Tyler Steimel, Bill Nash and William Coulter plan to open Old Pueblo Harley-Davison on the east side of Tucson in July, reported the Arizona Daily Star.

Steimel said Harley-Davidson officials were hesitant to allow a second H-D dealership within the same metro area, however approval was granted after he flew about six H-D officials to Tucson and showed them the 45-plus-minute drive from the current dealership to the area of the new store.

Old Pueblo Harley-Davidson is currently under construction. It will have 12,000 square feet of retail space and employ about 40 full-time staffers. The new dealership will offer sales, PG&A and service.

To read more about Old Pueblo Harley-Davidson from the Arizona Daily Star, click here.

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