Big Four increase October motorcycle production

Collectively, the Big Four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers increased production 7.0 percent in October over the same month in 2013.

Yamaha reported the largest percentage increase for the month, up 40.8 percent to 24,161 bikes produced, according to the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). Honda was also up, with a 1.7 percent increase to 10,812 units. Suzuki and Kawasaki, however, decreased production, with Suzuki down 6.7 percent to 14,383 bikes, and Kawasaki down 23 percent to 7,471 units. Together, the four OEMs produced 56,827 motorcycles in October.

Through total production was up in October, three of the four classes of bikes reported decreases. The 50cc and under category was down 7.5 percent to 5,847 units produced, while the 51-125cc class was down 4.6 percent to 2,840 bikes, and the 126-250cc group was down 3.4 percent to 7,889 motorcycles. The only increase was reported in the over 250cc class, which grew 13.0 percent to 40,251 units.

Year to date through the end of October, the four manufacturers produced 492,667 bikes, up 8.8 percent versus the same period in 2013. Yamaha edged out Kawasaki for the largest percentage increase, up 28.6 percent to 179,318 units, with Kawasaki production increasing 28.4 percent to 68,952 bikes. Honda’s production rose 0.9 percent to 116,919 units, while Suzuki’s was down 10.9 percent to 126,866 bikes.

Exports for the Big Four were down 0.5 percent in October. Suzuki’s exports decreased 24.0 percent to 5,841 units, while Kawasaki’s exports were down 23.8 percent to 6,354. However, Yamaha reported a 16.0 percent increase to 18,866 units exported, and Honda’s exports were up 15.5 percent to 7,666. Total exports to the U.S. were up 13.2 percent to 16,368 bikes, while all of North America saw an 8.6 percent increase to 18,228 units.

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