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CycleMate: The smart app for motorcycle dealerships

On Oct. 17, Activation will launch its inaugural product, CycleMate, a SMART Rider Companion App designed for motorcycle dealerships at AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida. SMART apps based on Activation’s proprietary technology are intuitive and adapt to each user, delivering a personalized content experience in real time tailored to one’s location, interest, engagement and purchase history.

CycleMate is an exciting, innovative and powerful marketing tool that will set the standard for how motorcycle dealerships connect to and build powerful relationships with their customers. CycleMate will also serve as an indispensable riding companion app to dealership customers by providing them with personalized content, messages, alerts and invitations including: automated bike maintenance and health alerts; personalized messages for events, services, weather related conditions, dealer rewards and promotions; tracking and sharing of individual rides and accessory and product recommendations, among others.

CycleMate will set the industry standard by enabling motorcycle dealerships to forge deeper, personalized connections with their customers through greater engagement, retention and sales.

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