Fuel tank maker Walbro expands to meet growing demand

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Responding to the growing demand for fuel tanks that meet increasingly stringent clean air standards, Walbro is once again expanding its global multilayer fuel tank production capabilities. A fifth co-extrusion blow molding machine will be in production by the end of June 2014 at the Cass City, Mich., facility to support this growth.

The continued success of Walbro’s fuel tank designs in lawn and garden, recreational and marine products is based on the use of multilayer co-extrusion technology. The non-metallic tank’s six-layer construction includes a vapor barrier that effectively contains hydrocarbon emissions, allowing it to meet stringent evaporative emissions standards. This technology continues to be one of the most cost effective and durable solutions available, especially considering useful life requirements and the increasing use of ethanol in our base fuels.

In fact, the effectiveness, production repeatability and durability of multi-layer tank technology allows US EPA tank family certification, and the California ARB waives extensive, costly tank testing requirements for manufacturers that use Walbro multilayer fuel tanks in their products.

As a result of these multilayer fuel tank advantages, the demand for this technology continues to grow. Walbro expects to produce approximately two million tanks in 2014 with a production forecast of two and a half million tanks in 2015, and over three million tanks in 2016.

“Walbro is committed to support our customers. We continue to add to our multilayer fuel tank capacity to meet this growing market demand,” says Tony Martin, Walbro President and Chief Executive Officer. “We now have six machines globally and are positioned for further investment to meet the stringent EPA evaporative regulations currently in place and as these requirements expand worldwide into the future,” adds Martin.

“Walbro is very excited to add this dual clamp multilayer machine to our portfolio. It provides us the capability to run tanks up to 25 gallon capacity and apply “SMART” solutions to mid-sized tanks to deliver very competitive fuel systems,” states Chris Quick, Vice President of Walbro Global Recreation Marine/Fuel Systems.

“We have also invested in flexible, quick changeover manufacturing systems to efficiently deliver the low to medium production volumes required by our customers. Our dedication to ensure flawless launches and top performance in quality and delivery is working. We are proud that the Walbro team is becoming recognized as a preferred supplier by many of our world class customers,” cites Quick.

Walbro’s product offerings go beyond fuel tanks. Walbro can provide an integrated tank system, including a Walbro fuel pump and flange assembly, filtration, rollover valve and internal hoses, resulting in lower assembly and shipping costs. As a full service supplier, Walbro can serve as a single source capable of integrated design, engineering, validation and production of fully assembled and tested tank systems ready for quick, efficient installation on the factory floor.

Walbro is a global market leader of engine management systems for the lawn and garden, recreational and marine, outdoor power equipment, and two-wheel small engine markets. Walbro manufactures ignition systems, fuel injection, air/fuel management systems and fuel storage and distribution systems. Walbro is a global organization with manufacturing and engineering facilities in China, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and the United States, with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Additional Walbro information is available at

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