Suzuki, Dominion Powersports offer dealer marketing strategies

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Dominion Powersports Solutions (DPS), in coordination with Suzuki Motor of America, has developed a unique program aimed at improving its dealers’ online marketing results.

The program, called the Suzuki Sales Gameplan, gives dealers strategies to bolster their marketing efforts across different online media channels, including dealership websites, online classified sites, social networking, mobile and more. Each of the marketing efforts is geared toward getting more leads for vehicles featured in a current Suzuki promotion.

This unique program not only provides dealers with instructions on how best to carry out these marketing objectives, but also incentivizes them for completing the steps. There is no cost for dealer participation in the program.

“The program combines Suzuki’s strong advertising promotions and material with Dominion Powersports’ sound marketing strategies and software to give our dealers an even better shot at selling more Suzuki units in 2014,” said Steve Bortolamedi, Suzuki Motor of America’s communications manager.

The program started in January with Suzuki’s Deal Days promotions and is continuing with additional, strong dealer incentives.

The program has included a special Dominion Powersports Pulse webinar for Suzuki dealers. The free webinar featured strategies for dealers to better succeed on Facebook.

“I had a general idea on the Facebook stats, but was not 100 percent sure how to keep my postings at the top of the newsfeed or even viewable for my customers,” Missy Kruse, marketing director for Rod’s Ride On Powersports in La Crosse, Wis., said after the webinar. “I am excited to use this knowledge and hopefully increase our traffic via Facebook and in the store.”

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