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Kawasaki, Honda Q3 motorcycle sales increase

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. each recently released their third quarter financial results, and both reported motorcycle sales had increased over Q3 2012.

Kawasaki’s third quarter net wholesales in its Motorcycle & Engine division (including motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, PWC and general-purpose gasoline engines) increased 35.5 percent to ¥184.7 billion, while unit sales rose 8.9 percent to 403,000. The improvement was credited to a motorcycle sales increases in the U.S., as well as emerging markets such as Thailand and Indonesia. In North America, net sales rose 40.6 percent to ¥65.4 billion over Q3 2012. Total North American unit sales grew 9.6 percent to 80,000 units, while motorcycle unit sales rose 2.2 percent to 47,000 units. Overall, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reported a 34.9 percent increase in third quarter net sales to ¥920.8 billion. Net income rose 3.9 percent to ¥23.2 billion.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reported a 13.1 percent increase in consolidated motorcycle unit sales to 2.7 million units in its third quarter. The company’s overall consolidated operating income rose 73.2 percent to ¥228.5 billion due to automobile sales in Japan, North American and Asia; motorcycle sales in Asia, and cost reduction and favorable currency effects with the deprecation of the yen.

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