Rise in 2013 page views, unique visitors for PowersportsBusiness.com

PowersportsBusiness.com is off to a strong start to 2013, with significant increases in total page views, total visits and unique visitors to the online home of Powersports Business magazine.

January-February 2013 data from Google Analytics shows the following percentage increases on PowersportsBusiness.com, compared to January-February 2012:

Total page views: 27 percent increase

Total visits: 58 percent increase

Unique visitors: 20 percent increase

Is your dealership or company’s website also putting up impressive numbers to start the year? Share your percentage gains in the comments below.

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  1. Well of course we are viewing it more, it is winter. I sure hope I have the time to read once season hits, as I really enjoy the info. Thank You for the knowledge.

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