NizeX unveils Lizzy Version 3.0

NizeX has announced the release of Lizzy Version 3.0, which includes a complete F&I package, a warranty module, a built-in CRM system and other features.

News Release

The nizeX development team has just released Lizzy Version 3.0, which will enable powersports dealers to manage their businesses better than ever before.

“It’s all part of our commitment to improve our service for dealers every day,” stated Glenn Hancock, nizeX president. “We aren’t content to sit back and say, ‘We’ve got a good system, so let’s take a break.’ Lizzy is going to keep adapting to the Powersports business as dealer needs change.”

Some of Lizzy’s many features include:

*Integrated accounting module that significantly reduces time spent managing the general ledger as well as reducing user errors

*Complete F&I package

*Warranty module

*Innovative inventory system that tracks exact quantities in each specific bin location

*Full service module tied to payroll module for easier mechanic scheduling

*Built-in CRM system for tracking customer data and sales opportunities

nizeX does not charge for upgrades to the system, and Lizzy users receive access to the full system (no charges for adding modules) for one flat price.


Our goal is not to sell you software, but to join your team. We can help you manage every single bit of data moving through your business and streamline your processes, saving you time and money. Get back to running your business instead of letting it run over you.

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