50 Below websites upgraded following ARI acquisition

News release

ARI Network Services (OTCBB: ARIS), a leader in creating, marketing, and supporting software, SaaS and DaaS solutions that connect consumers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in selected vertical markets, announced today that 50 Below upgraded its customer websites to include a more robust parts lookup solution powered by ARI.

This proven solution is currently used by ARI’s WebsiteSmart™ customers. Now, powersports dealers using 50 Below’s Customer First website platform will be able to provide their customers with access to the same award-winning parts lookup solution and an expanded library of manufacturer catalogs.

“With ARI’s acquisition of 50 Below’s retail division in November, we made a big promise to our new customers,” said Jon M. Lintvet, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Product for ARI. “We promised that we would quickly bring their dealerships new and better ways to Sell More Stuff.“

“We love the new parts lookup solution on our website,” said Megan Humphrey of Snell Powersports & Equipment, Mankato, Minn. “The way the information is presented, it’s easier and faster for our customers to use; that translates into making it easier for customers to buy online – and that’s our goal!”

“Dealers using an OEM parts lookup solution powered by ARI generate more OEM part sales directly on their websites,” added Lintvet. “This upgrade represents the first of many exciting new products and services that will be shared with 50 Below and ARI customers as a result of the acquisition.”

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