Scorpion Helmets, Tucker Rocky split amicably

Scorpion Helmets is moving to dealer-direct distribution and will no longer partner with Tucker Rocky, the two companies announced.

Kido Sports, Scorpion’s parent company, will discontinue selling Scorpion brand helmets through multiple distribution channels, and will instead sell directly through Scorpion Sports Inc.’s (SSI) U.S. headquarters, which recently relocated to Sante Fe Springs, Calif.

“Though Tucker Rocky has shown to be an effective sales partner for Scorpion and has exhibited the type of professionalism and success all vendors have come to expect from TR, ultimately the path of dual distribution did not fit in with SSI’s newly restructured organization and Kido’s US sales strategy. We are grateful to TR for their passion and effort in support of the Scorpion brand and we wish them continued success,” said John Kim, VP of business operations for SSI.

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