Suzuki to send Internet leads through Traffic Log Pro

American Suzuki Motor Corp. has announced that it will send its Internet consumer leads to dealers though lead management provider Traffic Log Pro, which is part of Dominion Powersports Solutions.

With the Traffic Log Pro system, dealers will have a single place to track and manage leads and convert them into sales. The leads will move in real-time from Suzuki to Traffic Log Pro, meaning dealers will receive inquires shortly after they’re sent by the customer.

"We did this to ensure our dealers can better track and manage their leads from Suzuki, and in an application that they're already using to turn customers into buyers," said Steve Bortolamedi, Suzuki’s senior communications manager, MC/ATV Division.

Suzuki dealers will still receive consumer Internet leads through the OEM’s existing internal system, but those same leads will also be routed through Traffic Log Pro, allowing sales staff to track the leads as they move through the sales process. Traffic Log Pro also features lead management reporting, and it’s the only lead management company to have such an agreement with Suzuki.

"We're extremely pleased to be working with one of today's dominant powersports brands,” said Neil Pascale, business development manager for Dominion Powersports Solutions. “We know Traffic Log Pro can help Suzuki dealers turn more leads into sales by providing one central hub for all of their lead sources, as well as necessary lead tracking that's so key to increasing unit sales in today’s market."

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