Newest Powersports Business webinar set for Nov. 1

Fresh off its first webinar of 2012 earlier this month, Powersports Business will host another webinar on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. EDT. To register, click here.

The live 60-minute webinar, sponsored by the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, is titled “A Dealer’s Guide to Hiring, A Service Department White Paper” and will include industry experts such as Alex Baylon, president of; John Zalenchak, GM of Mosites Motorsports; Amanda Blackstone, dealership operations consultant at The Butler Group LLC; and Hal Ethington, who will present important service department metrics on behalf of ADP Lightspeed.

Our panel of experts will present a variety of approaches to the topic of hiring in the service department, and how to ensure that your dealership’s service staff is performing at optimum levels. Learn about how your peers approach hiring service techs and discover the state of technician payment approaches.

A white paper produced by Powersports Business editors Dave McMahon and Liz Hochstedler on the same topic, “A Dealer’s Guide to Hiring, A Service Department White Paper,” will be available for download to all attendees at the conclusion of the webinar.

Not sure you want to devote an hour of time to the webinar? Here’s some unsolicited feedback from attendees at our inaugural State of the Industry webinar held earlier this month:

- Great call. You need to do them on a monthly basis.

- Very smooth webinar and it provided a lot of positive information.

- The numbers were really interesting and I would like to study them.

- I would like to thank you for the very informative webinar. To be honest it would be impossible to find that amount of powersports-related data anywhere else.

- Everyone did a great job during the presentation. It was very informative and it provided the attendees with a powerful overview of the current state and a look back at the industry over the last couple of years.

- Great webinar perhaps we can be a future contributor.

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