Kawasaki to disband Team Green Off-Road

Kawasaki will be breaking up its professional four-rider Team Green Off-Road program at the end of this year’s EnduroCross season, the company confirmed with Powersports Business.

“As of right now, the team is going to dissolve,” Kawasaki team manager Reid Nordin told PSB.

Nordin, who said Kawasaki has the only factory off-road team in EnduroCross and WORCS, cited effects of the economy for the dissolution of the team. Team Green Off-Road has four more EnduroCross races to compete in before the program will officially be shuttered Nov. 17.

“Basically at the end of the season this season, we’re reevaluating what we’re going to do,” Nordin said.

Options include completely closing off the team or trimming down the EnduroCross support and eliminating the WORCS portion. Either way, all four riders will not be on board for 2013.

“It won’t be the same if we’re around next year,” Nordin explained.

Though the professional team will no longer exist, amateur contingency and dealer support programs will remain intact. The Team Green event support team will also stay untouched.

Because Kawasaki will continue to reevaluate its racing programs, Nordin said Team Green Off-Road might not be gone forever.

“Nothing’s ever off the table permanently,” he said, adding that on-road and ATV racing have taken hiatuses in the past.

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