Scorpion parts ways with D2M, announces new CEO

Scorpion Sports Inc. USA has announced plans to separate from D2M Inc. as part of a broader restructuring strategy for U.S. operations. The company also said Jang H. Park, owner of Scorpion’s parent company Kido Corp., will become CEO of Scorpion.

D2M has been providing third-party sales management services for Scorpion and overseeing the company’s dealer direct sales. D2M’s services with Scorpion will end Oct. 4.

“D2M brought a lot of experience and knowledge to the table. While D2M provides a tremendous service to its vendors, their role with SSI was no longer compatible with our strategy moving forward. We wish them all the best,” Scorpion managing director John Kim said.

In announcing Park as CEO, Scorpion also reported that Kim will oversee the company’s day-to-day operations, while executing Park’s vision for the brand.

“To ensure the long term success and growth of the Scorpion brand, I felt it necessary to take a more direct role in the reorganization of SSI to bring in the added focus and attention this brand deserves,” Park said.

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