D2M adds digital catalogs

D2M, which helps manufacturers do business directly with dealers, has announced a partnership with PixelMags, a digital content distributor, to provide premium digital content to manufacturers and dealers.

"With PixelMags' Web-reader technology and its extremely easy-to-use CDS software platform, D2M is pleased to offer a new set of premium digital capabilities to the manufacturers we work with," D2M co-founder Del Munoz said. "Manufacturers currently have to put product information and pricing together upwards of six months before the print catalog is released to dealers, and a lot can change in that timeframe."

PixelMags catalogs offer the option to add videos, Web links, page insertions, changes, image galleries and QR codes. New information can be added in a couple of seconds, and the latest version will pop up immediately the next time someone clicks on the catalog.

"The catalogs that we can deliver are more than just an image on your iPad or PC," PixelMags founder Ryan Marquis explained. "These catalogs dramatically improve the user experience. Every catalog we've produced has increased our client's revenue and brought them new customers.”

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