PWC, snowmobile values increase in Black Book report

Snowmobile and PWC values saw sizeable increases from July to August, up 2.02 percent and 0.88 percent, respectively, according to the most recent Black Book report.

Snowmobile values are up $85, while PWC values are up $52, abnormal for this time of year.

“The extremely hot weather in much of the country appears to have increased demand for these types of vehicles that can be used on the water to cool off,” Black Book managing editor Ricky Beggs said. “July and August normally see substantial drops in value for the personal watercraft segment, but we have not seen that yet from our auction reports. Make sure you keep an eye on both the weather, and your local market, to assess demand for these seasonal units, as their prices will peak soon, if they haven’t already.”

Motorcycle, scooter, ATV and utility vehicles decreased only slightly in value, as their seasonal drop that usually comes in July instead came in June this year. The cruiser segment dropped off the most, down 0.73 percent. Street bikes saw the smallest decrease, down 0.13 percent.

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