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Powersports units see decrease in wholesale value

Every powersports segment except snowmobiles saw a decrease in wholesale value in November, according to Black Book’s Dec. 1 Specialty Markets Report.

The decrease is likely due to the usual winter slowdown and the lack of volume at auction, said Black Book managing editor Ricky Beggs.

“Much of the reduction in volume is a function of reduced new unit sales since the recession started in late 2008. The remaining drop in auction volume is due to having significantly fewer repossessions. The loans originated over the past two years of this struggling economy were solid loans in both borrower credit strength and collateral levels,” he said. “Where normally we would expect to see higher prices when inventory is scarce, right now instead, we are seeing lower than normal pricing as we head into winter.”

Snowmobile values, while up 0.96 percent in November, aren’t as high as in October, when they were up 2.1 percent. However, they could be seeing an increase in regions that have already seen snow, Beggs said.

After seeing increases in October, ATV values are down 3.66 percent and UTV values are down 3.05 percent. Off-road motorcycles saw the biggest decrease, down 5.46 percent for the month, followed by PWC with a 5.28 percent decrease, and cruiser motorcycles, which dipped 4.63 percent.

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