Black Book shows wholesale market up for ATVs, UTVs

Sales volume at auctions has been a little light, with generally declining prices across most powersports segments, according to Black Book’s Nov. 1 Specialty Markets Report.

“Many units at the auctions have been coming from dealer consignments as they adjust their inventory for the fall and winter seasons, while inventory from the banks and finance companies continues to be a little lower in volume than in years past,” said Black Book managing editor Ricky Beggs. “This is a direct effect of the past several years of reduced new unit sales volume from the recession. This is a very similar pattern in the auto markets.”

Black Book also reports that snowmobile wholesale prices are on the rise, with a month-over-month increase of 2-3 percent for most late model units. PWC wholesale prices are down 2.4 percent compared to October.

Three segments that have shown some strength this month are ATVs and UTVs. ATVs had a month-over-month increase in value of 0.7 percent compared to September, while UTVs saw a 0.6 percent increase in value over the same time frame.

Motorcycles saw decreasing values across the board in October compared to September. Street bikes had the slightest decrease (minus 1.8 percent), with scooters down 2 percent. Cruisers (minus 2.2), off-road (minus 3.1) and on/off road (minus 3.1) also saw their values drop.

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