JAMA report says bike sales up from 2010

Motorcycle sales in Japan are expected to increase year-over-year according to a new revised forecast for vehicle demand in 2011 issued by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). The original report was issued in December 2010 but became inapplicable because of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan on March 11.

The JAMA report says the motorcycle market in Japan has been “locked in a prolonged slump, attributable to a number of factors including the shrinking youth population and shifts in market trends for consumer goods. In 2011, however, the introduction of new models is expected to help boost overall motorcycle sales to a total of 435,000 units, up 2.7 percent from 2010.”

The report says demand for bikes 50cc and below is forecast to surge over 2010 sales, with bikes 51cc and above expected to grow as well when compared to 2010. Demand for over 250cc bikes is expected to decline.

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