BRP adds new racing oil to XPS lineup

BRP has introduced the new X2-RS racing oil specifically for use in high rpm and high load 2-stroke premix applications like the new MXZx 600RS snocross racing snowmobile. The new oil uses the latest lubrication technologies to address wear and protection issues while delivering the highest possible performance and works in most every 2-stroke engine.

BRP developed the X2-RS alongside the 2018 MXZx 600RS race sled to ensure the oil could withstand the extreme temperatures that a pre-mix direct injection engine would experience in race conditions — something most motors never reach. The X2-RS oil had a head start by using proven detergency, wear and friction eliminating chemistry from the XPS Full Synthetic 2T — and building upon it.

The higher viscosity base synthetic oil gives a thicker oil film and offers clean consistent lubrication, while the special, unique to XPS, additive package and performance enhancing esters maximize power and throttle response — ensuring the extra protection at high RPM and load. This unique blend of XPS X2-RS makes it the best choice for any powersports vehicle equipped with a high performance or racing 2-stroke engine for ultimate performance.

XPS is also introducing a 2017 XPS Racing Squad Support Program. Through this program, XPS will offer 50 percent discount on XPS Racing products during the 2017-18 winter racing season.

Details concerning enrollment and eligibility will be available in early October. 


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