Cobra Moto introduces 2018 competition line, updates

Cobra Moto has introduced its 2018 competition minicycle line, expanding the “Cobra Generation” to include the 2018 CX50P3, CX50JR and King 50 models.

“The challenge each year at Cobra is, quite literally, to improve upon what’s already winning,” said Sean Hilbert, president of Cobra Moto. “For 2018 we believe we’ve done that, with an array of improvements and industry partnerships that we’re confident will keep the Cobra Moto brand again atop local, regional and national amateur motocross podiums.”

Updates for 2018 CX50P3 and CX50JR include CARD front and rear brake systems, lightweight wheels, billet triple clamps with adjustable bar mounts, Dunlop Geomax MX3S intermediate-terrain tires, a Venom series engine, micro handlebars, a Bel-Ray Factory fill and a 5Gx freewheeling clutch. 

The 2018 Loretta Lynn’s National Championship will mark the 25th anniversary of Cobra, and the King 50 was the bike that kicked it all off. In addition to the improvements listed under the CX50P3 and CX50JR, the 2018 King 50 also includes: an MXT “Smart Leg” front fork, a Twin Spar high-strength low-alloy oval tube frame, billet triple clamps with adjustable bar mounts and an off-plane tuned expansion chamber. 


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