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Shinko introduces two new tires

Shinko recently released two new tires — the 505 Hybrid Cheater and the SR267/268 Flat Track. 

The 505 Hybrid Cheater is an enduro/extreme single-track trail tire that finds traction in the most extreme conditions, Shinko reported. It combines a soft, sticky, rubber compound, like that found in the Trail Pro trials tire, with a knobby tread pattern to work in a wider variety of soil conditions. 

“Where a trials tire falls short in braking and lose soil conditions, the 505 Cheater bridges that gap to make it the ultimate hybrid off-road tire,” Shinko said in a release. 

Pricing is as follows: 110/100-18 R505 Cheater, $89.95; 110/90-19 R505 Cheater, $93.95; 120/90-19 R505 Cheater, $102.95; 120/100-18 R505 Cheater, $102.95.

Shinko’s flat track tires are designed and tested to perform at the highest level of the sport, the company reported. The SR267/268 is available in soft, medium or hard compounds. It’s DOT approved. 

The SR267/268 Flat Track Tire is priced at $109.95-$119.95. 

Left: The Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater is available in 18- and 19-inch sizes. Right: Shinko’s SR267/268 Flat Track Tire is offered in three different compounds.


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