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Spectro Oils partners with Analog Motorcycles

Spectro Oils of America is proud to announce that it has partnered with Analog Motorcycles. These two great brands will work side by side on many of the great builds created by Analog founder Tony Prust, as well as showcase together at events across the country.

“I first met Tony at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival,” said Alex Josefson, president of Spectro Oils. “I was immediately drawn to the Analog booth because of the craftsmanship of Tony’s builds. He bases his builds on efficiency, quality and performance, which are all pillars of Spectro Oils’ philosophy as well. With that I was already sold on wanting to work with him, but learning that he already trusts and uses Spectro Oils in his builds just made working together a no-brainer.”

Prust said on the partnership, “I have been using Spectro Oils for years and never had an oil related issue using their products. When it comes to vintage bikes, the Spectro brand of products has everything I need to keep these machines running at their optimum. We couldn’t be more pleased to have Spectro Oils as the official oil of Analog Motorcycles.”


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