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Motul USA announces partnership with RSD

Motul USA announced its worldwide partnership with Roland Sands Design (RSD), bringing together two of the motorcycle industry’s most well respected brands. RSD will begin to exclusively carry the full line of Motul products in its retail store location, as well as use and recommend Motul products for its custom-built motorcycles.

Motul, which is known for its high quality, competition-proven oil and lubricants, produces a full line of 2-stroke and 4-stroke synthetic motor oils designed for bikes used in racing, sport riding, cruising, off-roading and touring. Motul also produces numerous accessories for motorcycles, including shock and fork lubricants, brake fluids and maintenance products that motorcycle enthusiasts rely on to win races and championships around the world.

The history between Roland Sands and Motul dates back over 25 years, to the start of Sands’ professional racing career. Just as Sands relied on Motul back then, he will continue to do so by exclusively using Motul products for his custom bikes as well as for the bikes raced by the RSD Super Hooligans race team.

“I’ve been using Motul since I was racing 250 Grand Prix bikes back in 1993,” said Roland Sands. “The technology in Motul products is both innovative and impressive, keeping your machine in top condition. For the crew at Roland Sands Design, we depend on Motul products to keep our one-off custom machines, as well as our race bikes, in pristine condition inside and out.”


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