DX1 platform reaches 1,000th dealership milestone

Minnesota dealership signs on with management system

DX1, provider of the only complete dealership management platform in the powersports industry, has reached a major milestone.

The DX1 platform is now being used by more than 1,000 dealerships across the nation. Bison Thunder Motorcycle in Saint Michael, Minnesota, was the 1,000th dealership to acquire the platform.

The milestone was reached as more dealers experience the efficiencies this unique platform affords their businesses.

Jeff Littlejohn

Jeff Littlejohn

“This is a significant accomplishment for our organization. As we continuously strive to create a complete dealership management platform that dealers can rely on, we have earned the business and trust of dealers across the nation. We provide a unique solution, and we couldn’t be more excited that dealers, OEMs and industry partners are recognizing the distinct advantages and opportunities DX1 brings to the powersports industry,” said Jeff Littlejohn, president of DX1.

Unlike other industry management systems, DX1 combines a DMS, lead manager, responsive website and online marketing tools built on one technology platform. There is no need for integration between website and DMS providers — DX1 is the only platform that does it all. This complete solution leads to daily business efficiencies and ultimately more time for dealers to focus on growing revenue by minimizing data entry, eliminating multiple logins and automating labor-intensive processes.

DX1 user David Hansin, owner of All Out Cycles in Chesapeake, Virginia, said that DX1’s efficient inventory management alone saves his dealership 30-40 hours every week.

“Until you have DX1, you don’t realize how much time and energy it saves you,” said Hansin.

The DX1 platform is built on responsive technology, essential to maintaining and growing a dealership’s website traffic with an increasingly mobile consumer audience. The DX1 platform enables dealers to upload inventory in the DMS and automatically post units to their websites. Real-time removal of sold units means inventory is always current and leads are submitted only on available units.


“We close 20-25 percent of leads that come in through our DX1 website,” said Hansin.

Another DX1 user, Graham Marcus of Maddie’s Motorsports in Dansville, New York, said the ease of use is a significant advantage the DX1 platform.

“These days you can have 15 different logins, passwords and IDs you have to remember,” said Marcus, the general manager of the multi-brand metric store. “In DX1, it’s really nice to be able to log in once and handle your day-to-day business in just one location.”

Because DX1 is cloud-based, dealers can access their operational and marketing functions from anywhere without worrying about managing the infrastructure or manually updating software. All departments have access to the same inventory and customer data records.

“Since DX1 is cloud-based, I don’t have to go in and install the hard drive or external memory. It’s all on the web. I can go to any computer in the building and find what I need, like a sales deal. I don’t have to be at a specific workstation or computer,” said Chris Heath, DX1 user and sales manager at Performance East in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

The rapid growth of DX1 customers prompted the decision to co-locate all DX1 service and support resources in the company’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters. Customer support has remained consistent according to the platform’s director of customer support, CJ Pedler.

“Providing exceptional customer service is what drives DX1. Our customers are the reason we’re in this business. Dealership management platforms can be complicated and have their challenges, but we are always here to ensure our customers have the tools they need to run smooth operations,” he said.


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