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Skully begins shipping AR-1 intelligent helmet

San Francisco-based Skully, Inc., a leading pioneer in augmented reality consumer-based products and maker of the AR-1, the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet, in June announced that the company has begun shipping its pre-orders of the much anticipated AR-1.

The first pre-order shipment went out in April, and fulfillment is expected to be complete by the end of summer.

Skully’s contract manufacturing partner, NASDAQ-listed Flextronics — which also manufactures products for Apple, Cisco, Lenovo, among other tech giants — recently ramped up the production assembly on the heels of the official passing on all regulatory testing and certification of the AR-1 in early 2016.

Carlos Rodriguez, who heads product and marketing strategy for Skully, commented, “We are a product of the people. Our customers are the best in the world. Their support and loyalty has helped us overcome the many challenges in delivering such an innovative product to market. It is remarkable to see the positive reactions that customers are sharing of their first experiences with the AR-1 across social media. Collectively we are changing the future of motorcycling.”

Skully has begun shipping its pre-ordered helmets, with fulfillment expected to be complete by the end of summer.
Skully has begun shipping its pre-ordered helmets, with fulfillment expected to be complete by the end of summer.

The mass production launch coincides with a slew of summer special promotions that Skully will soon release. This includes a VIP Skully Nation program that gives all early Skully adopters special access and discounts to products and events. Another promotion is a limited-time-offer group purchase discount. In addition, a free shipping program will be available for limited time offers. To maximize all-over efficiency, Skully will be providing a customer portal to track orders from the production queue all the way up to delivery.

“We have the best contract manufacturer in the business on board,” said Skully CEO Marcus Weller. “Their production capabilities are able to match the high level of technological innovation required to produce Skully products, and at the end of the day truly brings our vision to life. This is why we expect Flextronics to exceed the market demand expectations in production over the next 90 days. We cannot be more excited to go full-throttle with our delivery phase. The AR-1 is a ground breaking invention that redefines and elevates motorcycle riding, and now we’ll be able to really see the results at a mass level on the road.”


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