PSR unveils new H-D levers, aims for growth

Performance company holding strong in Year 15

After 15 years in the business, PSR Performance Motorcycle Products has launched several new products in the past few months and looks to see record growth in 2016. PSR’s mission is to design products that capture the individuality of its customers, while delivering exceptional on-track performance and durability. With numerous additions to its product lineup, it’s clear PSR is owning up to that mantra.

Virginia Peterson, marketing coordinator for PSR, explained that since the company’s designers and owners are also enthusiasts, they are able to meet the preferences of riders. “They’re all avid riders and have experience riding street bikes, dirt bikes and Harleys. The passion that they have for the sport really evokes some great design with the products,” she said.

PSR showcased its newest levers at the 2015 NVP Product Expo in Madison, Wis.

PSR showcased its newest levers at the 2015 NVP Product Expo in Madison, Wis.

Peterson said the PSR line includes products for dual sport, street/on-road and now Harley-Davidson bikes with a product that no other company carries. “That was our hope — we’re continuing to progress with innovative products, and that’s the direction we will continue to take,” she added.

Charlie Hon

Charlie Hon

Charlie Hon, PSR’s vice president of marketing, shared in the excitement over the company’s newest levers. “Ever since I got my first Harley, which was a Fatboy, there was just no accessibility for Harley levers, and we’ve been working on that idea for the last three years. We’ve finally come out with two really cool designs.”

Among the products that have been introduced are new adjustable levers for Harley-Davidson models, which first became available in November. The levers, named Anthem and Journey, are available in a variety of finishes and are made to fit multiple Harley-Davidson models. Designed in California, the levers are patent pending and accommodate riders of all sizes.

The adjustable levers have been received quite well from Harley-Davidson riders. “People are really excited, and we’ve gotten a great response from that,” Peterson said. “Our products are so innovative; they’re clean and durable. People trust our products; they look good on the bikes, and their personality is awesome.”

PSR products are currently distributed through Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and WPS. The company has a variety of large and small dealers in the U.S. In January, PSR began implementing a MAP policy, and Peterson was able to receive valuable feedback from a wider demographic.

“I’ve had the ability to contact in person a lot of our customers that sell our product,” Peterson said. “In doing that, I got wonderful feedback from all different demographics. I was hearing the same thing from the larger customers down to the small shops, so that was really cool.”


PSR’s quality combined with the riding background of its employees has helped it forge ahead. “I think because we are enthusiasts ourselves, a lot of products come through our R&D as a result of us riding both on- and off-road.”

Hon also experienced positive feedback from consumers during his time at the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties NVP Product Show in Madison, Wis., last August. “The response has been very overwhelming. People were wondering what took so long for someone to offer such a featured pack of levers for the Harley market,” Hon said.


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