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ISMA reports 2014-15 sales results

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association reports that snowmobile sales in North America continued to show a positive growth pattern in 2014-2015, with sales increases that outperformed the U.S. and Canadian economies.

Supported by a strong snowmobile sales season and great snow cover in 2013-2014, sales of new snowmobiles in 2015 grew 8 percent in the U.S. and 4 percent in Canada.

Snowmobilers and outdoor winter enthusiasts purchased snowmobiles at a rapid pace early in the year responding to heavy snowfall the previous year along with strong positive levels of confidence. Sales slowed somewhat in December due to light snow cover, but finished on a strong note as heavy snow and cold winter weather engulfed much of North America in January, February and March.

Sales of new snowmobiles sold in 2015 in the U.S. reached 58,299 units compared to 54,028 units in 2014 and 48,536 units in 2013. The sales report underscores a 20 percent increase in a two-year period.

Sales in Canada in 2015 were 50,752 new sleds sold, up from 48,758 units in 2014 and 44,022 units in 2013. Canada has reported a 16 percent increase in new sled sales over a two-year period.

Snowmobiling continues to be very popular throughout North America. Miles ridden and usage of snowmobiles increased more than 10 percent and positive expanding economic impact reports were the rule in the snowbelt. Snowmobilers generate more than $34 billion dollars of economic activity in North America annually. Snowmobilers continue to express a high level of interest in purchasing new snowmobiles in the future and are actively participating in the Go Snowmobiling campaigns and club membership. Recent surveys by ISMA show that approximately 70 percent of all snowmobilers are members of organized snowmobiling clubs, associations/federations throughout North America. The continued growth in interest in snowmobile club/association activity paints a bright picture for snowmobiling worldwide.

Sales in Northern Europe (Finland, Norway and Sweden) were somewhat flat this year, and sales in Russia declined due to well-known issues related to currency value, political challenges and decline in oil prices which impacted the Russian economy.   

Recent surveys continue to show that snowmobilers are active outdoor enthusiasts, participating in many outdoor related activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, etc.

The sale of PG&A continues to be strong, with an increase on the purchasing of snowmobile related gear, trailers, clothing and other related accessories.

The 2015-2016 year is shaping up to be another successful year for the industry. Snowmobilers continue to purchase the new high tech products for their enjoyment and eagerly embrace new equipment used for communication, global positioning, riding directions and mapping.

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