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Polaris racers get used to the podium

The headlines add up: “Team UXC Racing wins again at GNCC Round 9,” “RJ Anderson takes WORCS Round 6 in RZR XP 1000,” “RZRs take top five at BITD Silver State 300,” and they go on and on. Polaris’ Donna Beadle gets the pleasure of informing the media every time racers win or place well in a race while piloting a Polaris side-by-side or ATV.

Seeing as Powersports Business is receiving these releases time and again, managing editor Liz Keener decided to catch up with Beadle and talk about Polaris’ commitment to racing.

PSB: I know Polaris is deeply involved in side-by-side racing. Which side-by-side racing series are Polaris involved in, through sponsorship of the series or sponsorship of riders?

Donna Beadle: GNCC, Best in the Desert, SCORE, LUCAS Regionals, WORCS, TORN

PSB: Who are currently your top riders?

DB: ATV — Michael Swift, Kevin Trantham; RZR — Brandon Schueler, Mitch Guthrie Jr., Johnny Angal, William Yokley, Scott Kiger, Beau Baron

PSB: Why is side-by-side racing involvement so important to Polaris?

DB: Racing is the true test of a vehicle’s ability, versatility and endurance. We are involved in desert, short course, mud and wooded racing to show the true versatility of our product offerings.

PSB: Why are RZRs the side-by-side of choice of many side-by-side racers?

DB: RZR has defined the recreational side-by-side market, and having a wide variety of vehicles available gives racers a choice depending on their racing environment.

PSB: What makes Polaris so dominant and able to podium at so many different types of side-by-side racing events?

DB: The breadth of our lineup and also the talent of our racers.


PSB: How exciting for Polaris was it to add the Single Seat class to the GNCC series this year?

DB: It was very exciting to see a few of the racing series set up single-seat classes.

PSB: How have the Single Seat races been going?

DB: We have seen increases in entries throughout the year. We are dedicated to single-seat racing and will continue to promote it. 

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