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Dominion’s DX1 offers efficiencies

Dominion Powersports has announced its new end-to-end dealership platform — DX1. With DX1, dealers can better focus on growing their business without the need for managing multiple systems.

The option of using a single business platform to operate, promote and manage a dealership comes at a critical time for the powersports industry. Dealers continue to report unstable unit sales in a rapidly changing and challenging retail environment. Gaining efficiencies in their current operations and enhancing online marketing and customer data management are now necessities for dealers.

Meeting these needs is the foundation of DX1, a complete business management solution that will manage every department with the touch of a button.

“Our focus is to help our dealer partners concentrate on building their businesses vs. spending more and more time maintaining multiple business systems,” said Jeff Littlejohn, president of Dominion Powersports Solutions.  “Dealers have told us they need to streamline their current operations and strengthen their customer relationships in order to grow their bottom line. These are hallmarks of the DX1 system, and the dealers who adopt DX1 are sure to gain a competitive advantage.”

According to Littlejohn, “As an industry we have done little until now to provide a truly seamless experience with regard to multiple systems and providers. DX1 is not another attempt to integrate disparate systems. This platform has been built from the ground up to ensure a continuous, real-time flow of data throughout the departments of a dealership.”

The DX1 platform is comprised of two modules, Dealer Operations and Digital Marketing, and dealers may choose either or both to get started. Each module, or track, includes the touch-friendly LaunchPad that leads dealership personnel through their daily functions and keeps customer information just one tap away. A single sign-on provides permission-based entry, allowing access to tasks and data related to each dealership team member’s role.

DX1 users will appreciate a number of system advancements not previously available to the industry, including advanced mobile capabilities. DX1 is built using responsive design technology — a first in the powersports industry — to provide the optimum mobile experience. This is applicable whether a consumer is accessing the dealership’s website from a smartphone or the dealer’s general manager is checking the day’s sales from a tablet in a remote location.

Dealers can learn more about the new DX1 platform at www.dx1.net.


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