ADP Lightspeed targets dealership growth

As a way of improving dealership operations and business results, ADP Lightspeed is unveiling new products in its lineup that are meant to help dealers capitalize on their returning customers.

From better accounting knowledge to less waiting time on calls from dealers, ADP Lightspeed plans to make 2013 a more efficient year for its users.

Here’s a look four of the company’s products that have already been released. General manager Greg Smith says dealers can expect even more to be announced at Dealer Expo.

Service Connect. The newest integration with the Lightspeed system, expected for a March release, allows dealers a variety of ways to interact with customer support.

“We get our largest volume of calls when it’s time the close the books, and those hold times are longer than anybody wants,” Smith said. “Service Connect will answer questions from dealers in a more efficient manner.”

Dealers will have many options when trying to access DMS information. Context Related Help provides a better organization system for use while in Lightspeed. “It takes all the help aids and organizes them by context,” Smith said. “It provides an immediate benefit.”

Other new features include click to chat in a live chat session with a customer service rep. “We’ll know who you are, what dealership, and where you are in the DMS, so our customer support staff can say ‘See you’re in parts invoicing, what can I help you with?’”

Dealers without time-sensitive needs can open an e-case to ask a question. Also, a community forum will be available that will allow dealers to provide feedback to other dealers.

“Often dealers will ask us not how does it work, but what are the best practices — how can I use it most effectively,” Smith said. “This will allow other dealers to share tips.”

Full Customer View. Upon entering a customer’s name into the NXT DMS, dealers can see all current and past activity from the customer with the dealership. This will help staff members guide customers toward service appointments or prospects for a trade-in.

With customer retention such an important revenue generator, Smith says the latest products will enhance the customer experience.

“One of the things that we’ve seen the strong dealers do is spend a lot of time on bringing back their current customers for parts, accessories, service,” he said. “That repeat business is also a referral base. We wanted to come up with some ways to make that experience better for the customers.”

Lightspeed Loyalty Rewards. Similar to the reward systems implanted at your local drug store, grocery store or any variety of retailers, the ADP Lightspeed product rewards points for purchases, and the customer can later use those points to receive a discount.

“You can do anything from rewarding points for parts and accessory purchases to coming to the dealership for a ride night,” Smith said. “Each time a customer makes a transaction, they get an email telling them how many points they earned. Each dealership has its own portal, so they can set up special points events for their Loyalty Rewards members. The easiest part is that it’s fully integrated into the DMS, and it’s low, low maintenance for the dealer.”

The rewards program allows dealers to decide which customers to include, and the dealership sets the point values for purchases or event participation, along with redemption values and expiration dates.

“It’s completely cardless, so it’s very easy for the customer to get updates via smartphone or tablet,” Smith said.

It also provides dealers with the ability to mine their databases, so that, for example, they can target a special event to anyone who has 5,000 or more points. It also integrates into the Customer Experience Management system, so points could be provided for completion of a CSI survey.

“Dealers actively discount purchases to customers, and they have no idea how many customers or what their purchasing power is,” Smith said. “Now you can generate reports that tell you how many points you’ve given out to your customers. You tend to give good customers a bigger discount than a regular Joe, but with this program it’s like giving them additional discount, and it allows you to track it. You’re not just giving away X amount of product.”

Dealerships can also manage bike ownership groups through the Loyalty Rewards program and track member dues.

Live and online regional training sessions. Smith said that because accounting questions are the No. 1 reason why dealers call the company’s customer support lines, a new series of three-day, instructor-led training sessions have already been met with positive reviews. Sessions on the first day and a half are led by an instructor from Performance, Inc., an ADP company and 20 Group consultancy.

The last day and a half feature an ADP Lightspeed instructor providing insight on how dealers can generate reports in Lightspeed to measure their own success against those benchmarks.

Another ADP Lightspeed company, Traver, Inc., provides virtual training in two series of eight 45-minute modules. The first set deals with accounting fundamentals, with the second set offering advanced accounting and dealer metrics.


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