Run flat tire withstands bullets, then a beating

DWT Racing’s Moapa tire a hot item at Tucker show

Troy Aguayo admits to being as good a litmus test as any to show off the strength of the new Run Flat Moapa tire from DWT Racing.

Aguayo was talking to what seemed like the 300th dealer of the day during the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Distributor Show in Fort Worth when he finally relented.

Aguayo, a sales rep for DWT, plopped his admittedly not-so-svelte self down on top of the tire and exclaimed “See, it doesn’t get flat, even with me on it!”

And with that, another dealer became intrigued at the prospects of stocking the innovative tire.

The Vista, Calif.-based company knew along that it had something to turn heads as the tire was in the development process.

With military vehicles in need of tires that can withstand extreme punishment, DWT managed to secure a time to show off its product to military brass at the Army installation at Fort Bragg, N.C.

“It was a big trip,” Aguayo said. “We took our 12-ply sidewall with 6-ply tread, and the military came out shot each wheel four times while it was on the side-by-side. They literally tried to destroy it. Then they took it out and ran it 50 miles at 40 miles an hour. They beat it up and beat it up and the tire held up fine.”

With military contract in hand, DWT is now ready to share the product with Tucker Rocky dealers.

“We figured if it’s good enough for the government, it’s good enough for the public,” Aguayo joked.

The tires hit the marketplace in the second quarter of 2012, but dealers at the Tucker show were the first to get a glimpse. Competitors also took a sneak peak.

“It’s out and it’s made an instant impact,” Aguayo said. “Everybody’s really talking about it. The other tire manufacturers are coming over wanting to check it out. They’re very intrigued.”

The 12-inch retails for $195, and military version Moapa tires will be tan in color.

“It’s an alternative to the balls that you can put inside that are a couple of hundred dollars each for each wheel,” Aguayo said. “Each tire is about 60 bucks more on the run flat technology, which is a lot cheaper way to go. It’s a little heavier — about 4 pounds heaver per tire than our 6-ply tire — but it’s a great product. Everybody’s really excited about it.”

Aguayo describes the side-by-side market as “going through the roof. It’s a perfect time for us to come into the market.”


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