Top state for sled accessories sold? It’s California

Track studding kit ranks as top part

Snowmobiles sold in California carry the largest percentage of accessories sold with the unit at 2.8 percent of the unit selling price, ADP Lightspeed reported in a study completed exclusively for Powersports Business.

The state of Washington is second, with a rate of 1.8 percent. The rate falls steadily to 0.7 percent in Idaho, and then on to negligible amounts further south.

Reorganized into regions, California (a one-state region) remains on top. The Northwest is second at 1.3 percent, followed by the West at 1.1 percent. The Midwest and Northeast are tied at 0.8 percent, and the South is last at 0.5 percent. The average for all snowmobile dealers is just under $1 in accessories for every $100 of the unit price.

Canadian provinces and territories return the same national average of 0.9 percent. The highest rate of 1.5 percent was attained by British Columbia.

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A track studding kit is ranked as the best selling part number among the 379 snowmobile dealers surveyed, with just more than $50,000 in sales. Aftermarket bumpers (both front and rear), mirrors, exhaust systems and windshields are all prominent in this list of the top 25 part numbers sold with snowmobiles on major unit deals. Polaris, Ski-Doo and Western Power Sports each provide six of the top part numbers. Parts Unlimited is the source for three of the top 25 part numbers, and Tri City, Arctic Cat, Motovan and Kimpex each have one in mix.

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This survey was limited to parts sold in association with the sale of either a new or used unit. Parts sold over the parts counter were not included, since they could not be tied to service on a snow machine. Total sales involved were $71 million in unit sales, and $656,000 in associated parts sales.

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