Ural Motorcycles turns to Pinterest, Tumblr for social media outreach

With continual growth in both sales and brand awareness, Ural Motorcycles is promoting its online brand identity with a new website and as many new social media outlets as possible.

The new website, www.imz-ural.com, has undergone a complete transformation. Maximizing page impact, images and information take a center stage. Aside from product pages, Ural now offers its Web viewers and customers the ability to download owner’s manuals, review parts catalogs, find a local dealer and stay in touch with the company via its blog. The all-inclusive website manages nearly all the needs of fans and customers alike, with minimal clicking and maximum exposure to Ural.

On the back-end, Ural has moved to AWS (Amazon Web Hosting), a strategic move that allows Ural to grow its server size and speed as the demands on its website grows. Page structure and design is based on WordPress, so Ural may develop its own page architecture and layout quickly.

“The overall strategy of the new website is one of quick response time and independence,” said Jon Bekefy, Ural director of marketing communications. “We’re able to retain the freedom of both speed and creativity, which a company of our size can exploit. We enjoy the personal control over our products and website.”

The company’s social media outreach continues to grow.

“I truthfully believe we were one of the first OEMs, to establish pages on Pinterest and Tumblr,” Bekefy said. “The benefit of these two platforms has been huge, and the knowledge we gain from social media is incredibly useful. All of our efforts are based on being in front of our audience and spreading our message in our own self-reliant manner.”

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