Service success leads to customer satisfaction

Team CC considering expansion of service department’s space

With a pair of full-service powersports dealerships in Eagle River and Wasilla, Alaska, Korey Cronquist is a busy man. His Team CC shops continue to grow and excel in the powersports marketplace.

Team CC, which opened its flagship location in Eagle River in 1973, is a full-line BRP dealership. Additionally, the Wasilla store carries Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs, while Eagle River carries Kawasaki products.

With locations in Wasilla (above) and Eagle River, Team CC has been serving Alaska’s powersports consumers since 1973.

With such a wide-ranging inventory, Cronquist said the current focus for Team CC is to expand.

“One of our locations is looking into a bigger service facility. We’re just maxed out with our room, and just to be able to keep up with the demand, we could use a little more service room,” he said.

“We need to add the technicians and the room to hold the technicians because of the sales demands. It’s not just service — it comes from the sales end, too.”

Cronquist is optimistic that the expansion could lead to some profit growth in the service department.

“Typically, the retail dollars of sales from units are more influential, but as far as the profit structure goes, if we can add the technicians I can equally see the gains [in service],” he said.

Though business is solid, the expansion has not been a reaction to the company’s profit growth independently, according to Cronquist.

“Our expansion is mostly driven in coming from just trying to be more organized, more professional and delivering units more promptly,” he said.

That, in turn, should lead to better customer satisfaction, which is a big part of Team CC’s marketing.

“We really try to hit the customer service end of things as far as satisfaction goes,” Cronquist said. “We just feel that by word-of-mouth and continuing to be a community player in events and things like that, we are getting our name out there. That seems to be the most effective for us.”


Despite the expansion, there are no immediate plans to change the ways Team CC does business or advertises.

“We’re not changing any structure here,” he said. “We’re probably going to keep on the same path we’ve been going on.”

BRP CEO Jose Boisjoli (left) presented Team CC with Ski-Doo’s 2011 District Dealer of the Year award.

In addition to its word-of-mouth and exposure gained through community involvement, Team CC has individual websites for each location and operates a singular Facebook page that engages and informs customers.

Though sales have been solid over the last year, Cronquist didn’t know if it would continue to grow significantly in 2012.

“If we are expecting new-unit sales, it would be a mild increase,” he said, also noting that the dealership isn’t as involved in pre-owned sales. “We’ll probably be pretty stable. I don’t see any big growth.”

The business isn’t slowing down anytime soon for Team CC, even if the growth isn’t dramatic.

“I don’t expect any major growth gains, but we’ll be stable for another year,” Cronquist said.

Stability certainly isn’t a bad thing and there’s no telling just how much the expansion may impact Team CC. However, it is likely to be a positive step for one of Alaska’s premier powersports dealers.

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