Nurture long-term leads to avoid missing sales

Long-term leads, the ones often ignored by salespeople, can represent as much as 80 percent of your sales, according to research recently on the Sherpa Blog at MarketingSherpa.com.

Andrea Johnson of MarketingSherpa.com points to research outlined by Brian Carroll in his book, “Lead Generation for the Complex Sale”, which suggests that the long-term lead may be resulting in a company losing out on a significant portion of its potential profits.

Sales teams at some organizations can throw away as many as 80 percent of leads given to them, the article points out. Gaining an agreement throughout your company’s marketing and sales organizations on what characteristics a good lead should have before it is passed onto the sales team prevents lost leads and lost revenues.

For three more tips on how to boost revenue through correct long-term lead nurturing, visit Lead Nurturing: you could be losing as much as 80% of your sales; here’s how you keep them – MarketingSherpa.com.

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