Hoka Hey concludes with no prize money awarded

The Hoka Hey Challenge 2011 results have been tallied, and no prize money will be awarded.

Eleven riders finished the 14,000-mile trek that took them through 48 states and two Canadian provinces in a set period of time in June. However, after the final validation was completed, no rider was awarded prize money. Before the contest began, the top 25 finishers were slotted to take home cash. However, information provided by US Fleet Tracking’s GPS technology and polygraph tests were taken into account by Hoka Hey organizers.

After the situation was discussed at length with the contenders, it was agreed that no prize money would be awarded. However, Hoka Hey offset their expenses for the mandatory travel to Mesa, Ariz., for the polygraph testing.

A celebration for the finishers was held at Chester’s Harley-Davidson in Mesa, Ariz., on Oct. 8. Chester’s was also the starting point for the challenge. David Roma also documented the ride.

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