Ski-Doo MX Zx 600 RS adds 6 hp for 2012

BRP’s 2012 version of the Ski-Doo MX Zx 600 RS will see improvements in engine and chassis performance to propel Ski-Doo X-Team racers to success. The engine, front and rear suspensions and drive train were all changed with sno-cross and cross country racers in mind.

The new engine delivers an additional 6 hp and better throttle response across the entire operating range. The list of new components is lengthy but starts with a new crankcase, a new patent-pending crankshaft design and new cylinders – all directed to provide better flow and higher horsepower. The engine is designed to be very efficient from 8300-8800 rpm with a broad powerband. A new fuel pump and hose routing improves fuel delivery to the muscular machine, and new ECM calibrations will complete the power pack.

The front suspension was also analyzed for ways to improve chassis performance and balance to better match up with the new skid frame introduced last year. The change to new taller spindles improves ski pressure and cornering, while the new powder coating will reduce any snow or ice buildup. A redesigned steering post and bushing further reduce any bump steer to non-existent. Finally, a new upper A-arm, which creates a new steeper caster angle, rounds out the geometry package. Racers will notice much straighter tracking through the bumps and better chassis balance front to rear.

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