Husqvarna releases 2012 line of off-road bikes

Husqvarna unveiled its improved 2012 line of motocross motorcycles, the two-stroke CR125, and the four-stroke TC250 and TC449. Husqvarna focused on increasing engine power and handling across their line of bikes this year, in addition to improvements to design and ergonomics.

The 125cc CR125 is the company’s six-speed two-stroke motocross bike, and will have the updated all-black chromoly frame which is designed for more rigidity, better performance, and longer life. It will also have the Ducati Energy digital ignition found on all of Husqvarna’s two-stroke bikes.

The 250cc TC250 has gone through an engine redesign, and is inspired by the Formula 1 technology of their parent company BMW. Other key features in 2012 include a new airbox and velocity stack to bring more power to the improved engine.

The 450cc TC450 has been redesigned with improvements in the engine as well as a stronger chassis. The four-stroke fuel-injected TC450 come with an electronic ignition instead of the kickstart, with a switch on the handlebars for switching between the ignition’s dual-map configuration when the bike is running. As with the TC250, the TC450 comes with an updated chromoly frame that has been reinforced to make it more rigid and strong.

The CR125 MSRP is $5,999, with the MSRP of the TC250 and TC450 at $6,999 and $7,999, respectively.

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