ATV Safety Institute celebrates defeat of lead ban

The ATV Safety Institute is launching a series of free online banner ads to help spread the word about the end of the lead ban and is calling on everyone in the powersports industry and safety community to post the good news.

Free digital banners are available here.

“Now we’re asking the entire powersports community to let everyone know that youth-model ATVs and dirt bikes are again available for sale,” said Tim Buche, President and CEO of the MIC. “So many riders, whether street, off-road, and even lots of racers, began as children, enjoying days in the dirt or desert on little ATVs and motorcycles with their families. And because of two years of passionate, hard work by the industry and enthusiasts everywhere, urging Congress to fix this terrible problem, we won’t have a lost generation of young riders.”

President Obama signed H.R. 2715 into law on Aug. 12, ending the unintentional ban on youth ATVs and off-highway motorcycles. The new law amends the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) to categorically exclude youth ATVs and dirt bikes from the lead content provisions.

“We’d like to see everyone with a website and a stake in the ATV business help deliver this good news,” said Paul Vitrano, general counsel of the MIC and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America. “By placing one of these digital banners on your website you can be a significant part of a grassroots effort to tell everyone about this important victory.”

Read more about the end of the lead ban in the upcoming edition of Powersports Business.

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