NADA reports increase in powersports searches

NADAguides, NADA’s online resource, has reported an increase in second quarter traffic in the powersports and marine segments, as well as increased unique visitors.

The powersports segment, which includes motorcycles, ATVs and utility vehicles, saw a 23 percent increase in traffic since the beginning of the year. NADAguides analysts expect the interest in motorcycles and ATVs to spike as consumer confidence grows.

The interest in boats and PWC jumped 54 percent in the second quarter compared to the first quarter of 2011. Analysts credit the growth to consumer demand for used boats. For the month of June, there were 14 percent more unique visitors in the marine segment as compared to June 2010.

Overall, the unique visitors to NADAguides.com have increased 14 percent from the beginning of the year.

“NADAguides.com has experienced exceptional growth since the beginning of the year as well as over last year’s traffic statistics,” said Troy Snyder, director of product development at NADAguides. “This growth is expected to continue with the broadening of site content, heightened marketing efforts and the ability of the site to change and morph its content with the demands of each respective vehicle segment represented on the site.”

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