Polaris, Yamaha issue recalls

Polaris and Yamaha have each issued new recalls on some of their motorcycles.

Polaris, the parent company of Indian Motorcycle Company, has issued two recalls on nearly 700 2009-2011 Indian motorcycles. One recall involves the body control module, which can cause the headlight to turn off in some circumstances. If the headlight switch is slowly moved from one position to another (high beam to low beam or vice versa), both beams may illuminate momentarily, which the BCM interprets as an overload condition and then turns off the headlight until the next time the key is turned on. Dealers will be asked to replace the BCM during August.

The second Indian recall comes because of the kickstand. The side stand may not fold rearward and upward if it contacts the ground when the motorcycle is moving forward, thus not conforming to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 123 β€œMotorcycle Controls and Displays.” Dealers will also replace the stand in August.

Polaris has also recalled 1,688 Victory motorcycles. The accessory backrest support can separate from 2006-11 Jackpots with backrests and 2004-11 Kingpins with double backrests, possibly causing the passenger to be injured or fall from the bike. Victory is notifying owners, and dealers are expected to begin replacing the seats on or before Aug. 30.

Yamaha has recalled 260 FJR1300 models because the brake light may not illuminate when the front brake lever is applied because the activating mechanism in the front brake switch can bind. Yamaha dealers will install a new front brake switch this month.

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