Polaris, Ducati target market in India

Polaris Industries and Ducati Motor Holding SpA are both focusing on sales in India during the coming year.

Polaris will be delivering completely built units of ATVs and Rangers to the country through a wholly-owned subsidiary by August or September, according to a report in The Hindu. The company has already targeted 25 cities and will narrow the candidates down to 10 for its initial dealerships in India, an industry source told the newspaper. Polaris has hired Pankaj Dubey from Yamaha India as its new chief in India and will open the subsidiary’s headquarters in New Delhi.

Victory Motorcycles are planned to be sold in India starting in 2012, according to several reports made in February. The Hindu also reports that sales of Indian Motorcycles will also occur in India.

Ducati, which sold 100 motorcycles in India in 2010, plans to double its sales this year because of growing demand for premium vehicles, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“We see high demand in the Indian market,” Mirko Bordiga, chief executive for Ducati’s Asia Pacific arm, told the newspaper. “With new motorcycle makers entering India, the market is bound to grow.”

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