S&S continues Big Dog engine warranties

S&S Cycles is honoring engine warranties of Big Dog Motorcycles bike owners who lost their original policy when Big Dog closed.

The new warranty offered by S&S remains for the original owner of the bike as long as the original vehicle warranty would have lasted.

“I’m certainly sad to see a good customer like BDM close their doors, but I feel that we need to shoulder the responsibility and make sure the end customer gets a square deal. I suppose we could just look the other way, but I won’t do that. After all, these are S&S engines. We built them and we’re going to stand behind them!” S&S president George Smith Jr. said in a press release.

To be eligible for the warranties, original owners need to confirm their vehicle was still under the Big Dog warranty by bringing an original bill of sale to any S&S dealer. Warranty engine work will then be repaired by S&S dealers or rebuilt at the S&S Remanufacturing Service in La Crosse, Wis. S&S will also continue to offer engine parts and components for Big Dog bikes.

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