E-TON recalls 25,000 scooters

E-TON America LLC has recalled about 25,000 scooters due to misplacement of the ignition switch.

The engine on/off switch is supposed to be on the right side handlebar, while the high/low beam light switch should be on the left. However, on the affected units, the switches are on the opposite handlebars, and therefore the scooters fail to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard No. 213, “Motorcycle Controls and Displays.” The concern is that a rider may get confused while using the handlebar switches, causing the scooter to lose power during operation. No incidents or injuries were reported with the recall.

The affected units include certain 1999-2010 50cc and 1500cc Beamer I, II and III models and 2007-’10 50cc and 150ccc Matrix scooters.

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