Scooter manufacturer extends warranty

Three-wheel scooter OEM TheAutoMoto.com Corp. has extended its warranty to a two-year limited parts and labor plan.

The new warranty, which comes at no cost to consumers, is effective immediately on all Auto Moto scooters, and it also applies to 2010 model year units purchased by dealers after Jan. 1, 2011. Parts covered include: the engine, transmission, steering system, suspension, brakes, electrical system, gauges, fuel system, cooling system, fluids, seals and gaskets.

“This change came as a result of our realizing that only a few minor warranty claims were made in 2010, all of which were quickly fixed with a replacement part,” TheAutoMoto.com Corp. Vice President Guy Cohen said in a press release. “As a result of our findings, we’ve decided to extend our warranty coverage to a two year term covering parts and labor. We believe this new warranty better reflects our commitment to users of our products as well as our commitment to our dealers.”

Along with the new warranty, The Auto Moto will also offer to customers two years of roadside assistance administered by Road America.

“The Auto Moto buyer is sophisticated, forward-thinking, and places great value on being economically and environmentally progressive,” said Road America President Dennis Fantis in the release. “For more than thirty years, Road America has been customizing roadside assistance programs to meet the specific needs of customers just like that. Our specific experience in assisting scooter owners is exactly the element The Auto Moto needed to maximize customer service to their buyers.”

An extended warranty with coverage up to five years is also available through Endurance Dealer Services.

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