February 7, 2011-WaterCraft SuperStore working on second catalog

WaterCraft SuperStore (WCSS) is reportedly working on a second catalog, this one substantially bigger than the company’s first effort.
WCSS currently sells a wide variety of PWC parts and accessories, from engine parts to trailer and watersports items, including the growing line of BlackTip traction mats, seat covers, and apparel. Request a catalog at www.watercraftsuperstore.net.
Champion Easing Away From Competition Scene
World Freeride champion Ross Champion has announced that he will be easing out of the competition scene, forced by the realities of the economy to, if not completely end, at least curtail his world-trotting freeride career.
“The thing is, my job was about 15 percent riding and the rest was promotion,” explains Champion. “We got 200-plus pages worth of magazine pictures a year because I wrote for the magazines, developed good relationships with the media guys, made it a priority to shoot with them, and promoted them. We appeared in tons of video and TV in part because I was either instrumental in producing the projects, finding funding for projects, or creating the content in many cases.” Ultimately, however, all that effort didn’t pay the bills. “Prior years were better, but, time to move on.
“I dunno ... we could have done so much more if I was ever able to focus on riding and training. But in any event, it has been a great experience and I have learned a tremendous amount. Hasn’t exactly put me in good shape to find a job though.”
RonnyMac Showing PWC Pics To The Masses
It’s not always possible to attend events like the recent Daytona Freeride, but well-known PWC photographer Ronny McHenry, aka RonnyMac, is bringing photos of those events to the masses through this RonnyMac.com website, as well as his Facebook page. McHenry is one of the most traveled PWC photographers remaining in the sport. PSB

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